Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've been away....

... on a short trip to Thailand and it was amazing!
Andrew and I spent 10 days in this glorious part of the world and it was magical. Warm weather, delicious food, beautiful scenery and incredibly down to earth, friendly people.
It has been hard coming back to temperatures below zero here today.
It was our first trip to Asia but we hope to do many more. Would love to hear of any recommendations about place to see in Vietnam, it is high on my list of places to visit.
Here are just a few shots from our 10 day visit. I really must learn how to make a collage!

Sorry for the photo overload. Now to scrap the several hundred must keep shots!!
I will be back soon with a layout share. Stay warm. :) xx


  1. Lucky you Karen - Stunning photos you will have fun scrapping them all!!! My son went to Vietnam on a school trip last year and he said that it was awe-inspiring and that it really changed his views on life. I think it was a shock for him to see the poverty that exists over there as well as the breathtaking beauty of the country.

  2. Oooooh just love those photos! do I envy you? ABSOLUTELY!! as Sarah says, you will have lots of fun scrapping the photos from your amazing trip! xoxo

  3. oooh...your holiday looks amazing...I want to get there one day! Can't wait to see them scrapped! :)x

  4. Lucky you! The pics look fab! You reall must scrap these!

  5. What fun! Looks fab!! To make a collage edit all your pics first then click Create Collage along the top (in Picasa) and it will automatically do it for you - giving you all the control in the pop up panel on the left. YOu can drag photos around to change position too - I use it ALL the time - AWESOME!

  6. Jealous much, looks so beautiful in your pics! I have got a serious travel bug since our trip last Christmas, been buying lotto tickets!
    Love your page of Joe in the mud too :-)