Monday, October 31, 2011

His Passion

My eldsest son spent year away at university studying a double degree in PE Teaching and Psychology. He worked hard leading up to the HSC to get the UAI needed for the course and I was so proud of him for reaching his goal.
However, it was not quite as he thought it would be and after a year of being quite unhappy he moved back home to work out what to do next. I guess what we want most for our children is to see them happy and finding a profession they love. He has now started a chef's apprenticeship locally and loves it! I hope this new direction works for him.
My layout for SCRAP THE BOYS this month is about his change in career direction.
The criteria for October was to use homemade embellishments on your layout so I made three little flags out of the patterned paper.
Love the way the texture paste looks on this layout!
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Another fabulous layout!!! You really are an inspiration!! Love the texture paste!! :-) Thanks for playing along!!

  2. What a lovely layout Karen & a really good topic and photos too! I agree that texture paste looks awesome :)

  3. Hi Karen I just love to came in here and see what a you have done.....and I sow so many gorgeus creations!!!
    I love that page and the photos are great, you really did a wonderful job.
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  4. wow that layers and texture you have created here is just AWESOME , so boyish!!!

  5. Great layout Karen! I can so relate to your son's experience with my own son. Good luck to him! xx

  6. Oh wow! This is fabulous! Love what you've done here! Awesome mix put together so well!

  7. How wonderful Karen!
    You son looks happy & looks like a chef leaning over his is wonderful that he is happy.
    Your pages are always inspirational. I love being able to see your works. xx

  8. Your layering and detail work is honestly awesome! Have a fabulous weekend, Janna

  9. Gosh Karen, it's the first time I'm visiting your blog so I didn't know you have such grown up children. You're but a snippet of a girl yourself! yay for your son, being happy is all we really want. Love the blue on the craft and the texture paste sure looks good. Will continue backtracking your blog for some more yumminess! take care, have a fab week! xxx